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Travel tips for Business Owners

Following on from my recent blog ‘Travel Hacks for Busy Parents’, I thought it would be great to summarise my top tips when it comes to Business Travel (a wholly different experience from travelling with the family, of course 😉)

Travel Rewards Programs

Join airline and hotel loyalty programs to earn points and get perks like free upgrades and priority check-in.

Pack Efficiently

Invest in quality luggage with compartments and packing cubes to stay organised. Pack versatile clothing to mix and match.

Digital Copies of Documents

Scan or take photos of important documents (passport, ID, itinerary) and store them securely in a cloud-based app for easy access.

Download content before you leave home

If your children have a device like a tablet or iPad, try to download movies and child-friendly apps directly to the device, for them to play with and watch during the journey. You might be able to pick up wi-fi in your next location but you might not – so it’s best to have back up!

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck

If you frequently travel internationally, consider applying for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck to expedite security and customs procedures.

Travel Insurance

Invest in comprehensive travel insurance to protect against unexpected events, including trip cancellations or medical emergencies.

Portable Charger

Carry a portable charger for your devices, as well as power banks to ensure you’re always connected and powered up.

Stay Connected

Use communication apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams to stay in touch with your team while on the road.

Expense Tracking Apps

Use apps like Expensify or Receipts by Wave to easily track and manage business expenses while traveling.

Virtual Meetings

Whenever possible, schedule virtual meetings instead of in-person ones to reduce travel time and expenses.

Airport Lounges

Invest in airport lounge access through programs like Priority Pass for a quieter and more productive workspace.

Maybe you need some assistance planning your business travel? Why don’t you check out our services page, or book a discovery call. We offer business support and travel organising alongside our usual business support services and can take the stress out of your hands entirely.

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