Should you be friends with your clients?

The thing about being your own boss, is that you can generally work with clients whose core values align with your own. If you aren’t gelling together – you’ve got the choice to not work together.

Some people disagree with the way I work – but I think there is nothing wrong with letting the two relationships overlap. In all honesty, I feel like developing a relationship on a more personal level with your clients can benefit you both.

But Why, you may ask?

We are all human beings!

Yes, you are both business owners, but you are also a person, working with other people, and if you are approachable and friendly, some of those people may even want to be your friend. Which is a good thing!

If the thought of crossing these boundaries makes you feel uncomfortable, then don’t do it. It’s not obligatory to be friends with your clients, but I think it’s less complicated and more beneficial than you might think.

You can still keep your boundaries.

Becoming friends doesn’t mean you need to compromise yourself to maintain that relationship. They respect you and you respect them – it really is as simple as that.

As long as you both know your boundaries (and the person in question isn’t a little bananas – in which case you probably don’t want them as a client anyway!), you should be able to have a nice personal AND professional relationship, simultaneously.

It can strengthen your bonds, and you can enjoy their company too!

From a business perspective, it’s not a bad idea to attend a function with a client (if you live in the same area) where you can reinforce your existing bond with your client and may even meet new clients and contacts through your existing client (who will thoroughly recommend you!)

Virtual assistants often operate like lonely little satellites, working on their own time and in their own spaces… and while your dog may make for good company, her office Christmas party leaves something to be desired.

In summary, I love being friends with my clients, so I lean towards being a social butterfly. If YOU do not have an interest, you can politely decline! That’s okay.

Also, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times – it’s nice to be nice. I love my clients and I love that I am friends with so many of them too – because it just makes working with them that little bit sweeter!

Hashtag #lucky 💗

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