Virtual Assistant

It’s all a balancing act!

Being a full time business owner, devoted mum/wife/daughter and friend, I’ve found that working from home is a juggling act. I’ve discovered some tricks to boost productivity and maintain sanity while managing the daily demands of life and I hope they help you too.

Strategic Time Blocking:

I structure my day with focused time blocks for work, ensuring I balance client tasks, family commitments, and personal well-being. This approach helps maintain a sense of order amid the chaos.

Incorporating Exercise:

Recognising the toll of sitting all day, I try to weave a 30-minute exercise break into my routine. Whether it’s a quick workout or a brisk walk to pick the kids up from school, it rejuvenates both body and mind, enhancing overall productivity.

Steps During Calls:

When the phone rings, my secret to boosting daily steps is simple – pacing around the house. I’ve turned mundane calls into opportunities to complete “step loops” around the bottom of my house. It’s a stealthy way to stay active without compromising professional conversations.

Efficient Task Management:

To handle the myriad tasks efficiently, I rely on digital tools. Task management apps keep me organised, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks amidst my busy schedule.

Power of Short Breaks:

Strategic short breaks, whether to play with the kids or enjoy a cup of coffee, injects freshness into my day. These brief pauses boost my mood and prevent burnout.

Embracing Flexibility:

Flexibility is key when balancing a busy work/life balance. I have taught myself to embrace the unpredictable nature of parenting, adjusting my work schedule as needed without compromising on client commitments.


Being a work-from-home Mum and business owner demands adaptability and creativity. By implementing some of these strategies, it helps to find a balance that allows me to be present in both professional and personal spaces.

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