10 hours

£ 350

20 hours

£ 700

30 hours

£ 1050

50 hours

£ 1750

Ad hoc – £40 per hour

Our hourly rate is £40 per hour, which is reduced if you buy a retainer package – please feel free to book a discovery call if you’d like to discuss a bespoke package or talk to Holly about your individual requirements. All team members of HPS Virtual Assistance have our own equipment and this is all covered in the hourly fee. We charge and track to the minute, so if we only spend 35 minutes doing a task for you, you will only pay £23.33.

The retainer packages are in place to guarantee our time for the month ahead, so that we can use those hours to focus solely on your business. If we are working together on an ad hoc contract, the time is not always guaranteed.

For all retainer packages – we invoice up front at the beginning of the month and expect you to pay your invoice within 7 days. If you do not use the full amount of hours in the retainer package that you have purchased, we will roll over 10% of those hours to the following month (for one month only). It is therefore your responsibility to make sure you get your work to us in good time so that you make use of the hours you have purchased for that month.

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