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I’ve Graduated!

I am thrilled to be able to say that following doing a lot of juggling for the past 6 months, I have graduated from the VA Mastery Course.

Being a full-time working Mum to two beautiful but boisterous young boys, running a home, and running my virtual assistant business alongside this has meant some sacrifices and a lot of working evenings, weekends, in the car, whenever I could find time to soak up some more information I would do it!

But my goodness – doesn’t it feel great when you’ve got to the end of something and you look at how far you’ve come?

I have learnt so much about myself through this journey.

Amanda’s course covers every little detail that you could possibly want to know about becoming a Virtual Assistant. I really thought I knew enough about what I did and my skillset, to offer clients a great service, and I did. But now, I know how to run a business, how to run it well, and I can now offer an EXCEPTIONAL service, and I don’t feel like you can reach that level of confidence and knowledge without a mentor who has your back.

I’m pleased to say that I’ll continue to be a member of the VA membership, so that I can stay up to date with everything VA in order to give my clients the best of me.

THANKYOU to my best friends (my cheerleaders – you know who you are) and my husband, forever supportive and giving me words of encouragement (or a kick up the butt when I needed it!)

I’ve met so many fantastic people through the group and in this new world, and I know I will continue to meet more and more as I go along in this journey. One of my favourite things to do in life is meet & learn about new people. My friend and I often joke that we ‘collect’ friends and it’s true, but I LOVE it!

Anyway, here’s my badge and I’m off to buy myself a hat to throw in the air and a bottle of fizz because I’ve nearly made it through dry January and I’ve earned it!

If you’d like to read any other blogs I’ve written – you can find them here. And if you fancy a chat to me about your business, and how I can help your business thrive this year – you can book a call with me here.

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