About Me

The most organised you will ever be

Hi, I’m Holly, based in Cornwall, mother of two and the face behind HPS Virtual Assistant. I have over 14 years experience in office management, administration & customer service.

Organising comes second nature to me, I am a character who likes things to be ‘just so’. I take pride in completing tasks quickly and efficiently, I plan meticulously and am a total perfectionist.

I am the go-to girl for event organising for my friends and my immediate family and you’ll often find me researching destinations for holidays and creating itineraries in my spare time.

I have organised a Christmas party for 100 guests every year for the past 5 years, co-ordinating the decoration of the event, meal plans, stationery, entertainment etc and everything has always run seamlessly.

My friends have often joked about my ‘Holly-Pockets’. We all pay into a savings account monthly and on the day we are due to travel, they are presented with their itinerary, boarding passes, destination info and euros, ready to travel! Half the time my friends aren’t even sure where they are going – I’m just left in charge because they know I’ll be on top of it all!

Having run my husband’s successful business for him over the last few years, I am very aware of the stresses and strains of keeping on top of the day to day tasks while maintaining a great service. The reason he is able to operate so efficiently is because I am always there, behind the scenes helping everything run seamlessly, so that he is able to turn up to his job and give the customer his undivided attention without having to worry about ordering product, invoicing, replying to emails and social media messages.

It is through these sorts of tasks that I’ve provided for friends and family that I have decided to offer these services to others, and help small business owners and very busy professionals claw back some time to grow their businesses or concentrate on other aspects of their life.

I will spend time getting to understand your business and how it works, and work out what I can do to make your life simpler and lighten the load.

Working with me or a member of my team will allow you to relax when you need to, knowing that you have an extra pair of helping hands behind the scenes, someone who is passionate about perfection, being discreet, hardworking, and trustworthy. The natural organisational skills I have acquired, will help any business large or small progress, and become even more successful.

ICO Registered:​
Shortlisted for Best Newcomer VA in 2022
Insured with
Graduate of the VACT Mastery Course